Buckets & Tubs

We stock a wide range of plastic buckets and tubs from 120ml to 30 Litres 
Manufactured by Jokey plastic one of Europe’s leading plastic packaging specialists and made from food grade polypropylene (PP).

Our buckets and tubs are robust, stackable and will protect your products from contamination. All our buckets come with lids and are tamper evident, providing reassurance for the end user.

All these items are food grade approved and suitable for powders, pastes, paints, gardening products, toiletries, household products, DIY materials, home brewing, fishing baits, household storage, non hazardous chemicals, pet foods, bird seeds, foodstuffs, pastes, resins and much more.

Our plastic tubs and buckets are tamper evident, helping safeguard your product during transportation and storage, – Offering reassurance for both you and your customers.