Caps for PET Sweet Jars

Caps for 70mm and 110mm necked PET jars 

Brighten up your office / kitchen / home and colour code your jars – match your colour scheme in the kitchen or use a cap to help enhance your product in an eye-catching way:

  —  Red & White sweets? – Team with a blue cap for a striking ‘British’ feel

  —  Summer party – Use a bright yellow cap to add a little cheer

Our selection of PET Jar lids and caps include:

  • Victorian Style – Add a vintage feel

                    – Available only in clear with a screw top thread to fit all jars with a 70mm or 110mm Neck.  This cap offers additional style and shelf appeal to all products

  •  Flat Cap

                    – Standard range colours for both the 110mm and 70mm caps include:      •    Red            •    Black        •    White        •    Green        •    Blue        •    Yellow

Both Victorian and Flat cap are available to compliment all 70mm and 110mm PET Jars