Bag in Box

Bag in Box®

One of our most popular ranges.

First used commercially in the 1950’s (for battery acid!), the bag-in-box system has come a long way.  Ever since Thomas Angove put his wine in polyethylene bladders, packaged in corrugated boxes (1960’s), the way we view ‘the rules’ has changed – No longer is wine only available in bottles and ale only available in casks…

If you are a micro brewery or enjoy brewing your own beverages, we have the containers for you.  GT Online offers affordable containers which can be purchased in small quantities for the amateur brewer trying their hand, or large quantities for commercial use – for orders over £500 please CLICK HERE to visit our Graham Tyson Bulk Order website

**GT Online are now offering GLASS BEER BOTTLES exclusively to their online customers click HERE to VIEW and ORDER**

Also introducing our new Pro-Jugs™ Measuring Jugs to compliment your brewing process..

  • Superior quality professional measuring jugs                       •  Affordable for the household
  • Made from high quality, food grade, polypropylene            •  Designed for commercial & industrial use
  •  Lightweight and durable

Independently lab tested for accuracy, the measurements on the side are both embossed and printed with black ink, ensuring perfect measuring every time.

  • Chemical resistant     •  Large injection moulded handle makes this jug ideal for thick and thin liquids
  • Food grade                  •  Thick walls and non drip pouring spout all add to the outstanding quality