Ice Cream Containers

Injection moulded containers manufactured from food grade polypropylene  

Widely recognised as ‘ice-cream’ containers, these tubs are also used for:

  • Food Stuffs            • Powders            • Storage of Products

Available in a range of capacities:

  • 780 ml1140 ml1200 ml            • 1250 ml2 Litre
  • 2.4 Litre                  • 4 Litre         5 Litre               10 Litre

Different shapes are also available, from your standard rectangular tub, to the Italian style ‘Napoli’ tray.  Sold with or without lids, some containers are also available as ‘tamper evident’

Now supplying Ice Cream accessories, including:

  • Spoons            • Sundae Cups            • Screwball containers