PET Sweet Jars

Our clear plastic jars are made from food grade polyethylene terephthalate (PET).  PET is an excellent water & moisture barrier, making it perfect for the display and storage of confectionery, sweet treats and powdered foods.

Sizes available:

• 120ml

• 450ml

• 750ml

• 1.3L

• 2.5L

• 3.5L

• 5L

• 250ml

• 500ml

• 950ml

• 1.8L

• 2.6L

• 3.9L

• 380ml

• 630ml

• 970ml

• 2.1L

• 3.2L

• 4.4L


• 400ml

• 650ml

• 1 Litre

• 2.4L

• 3.3L

• 4.5L



Suitable for a range of products including:

Sweets & Chocolates, Wedding favours, Cooking ingredients & General storage

Gripper Jars are available with a 63mm shaker style cap 

The 120ml Square round PET jar comes with a 43mm metal cap 

Please note: PET containers are susceptible to distortion if exposed to temperatures exceeding 30 °C and are not suitable for hot filling.  Filled and empty containers should be stored in cool conditions away from direct sunlight and heat sources.  Particular care needs to be taken during warm weather and transportation

Caps for 70mm and 110mm necked PET jars

Unless otherwise stated, all jars have a wide, screw thread – 70mm or 110mm neck* – making both dispensing and filling easy

**Due to the colours and styles available PET Jars are NOT supplied with lids, please choose and add your chosen lid style to your order.

Choose from a flat lid available in a variety of colours or choose the Victorian style (bobble top)

Colours available in both sizes in 

  • Red           
  • Black       
  • White       
  • Green       
  • Blue       
  • Yellow